Nobody cares you use Bootstrap

Twitter BootstrapReading Hacker News threads, related to Twitter Bootstrap, is lately kinda like going on a walk with a child, that just learned the word “car” and is now pointing and shouting “car, car, car!” all the time. Yes, it’s a car now, please, shut up.

Seriously, every time there is a story posted about some project/startup/hack, that happens to use bootstrap, people of HN suddenly forget why they are here, and somehow can’t get past that “it looks too bootstrapy”. Well you know what? Nobody, outside of our tiny little echo chamber, A) knows what bootstrap is and B) gives the slightest of a damn about it. So get over it and discuss the actual product. It’s really amazing how a group of people shouts various mantras like “right tool for the job” and then in the same breath disses somebody for using bootstrap. Well guess what? He used the right tool for the job. A framework that allows you to have a decent design without actually bothering, which allows you to focus on your actual idea. And besides, it’s a first version, a prototype, a hack. There’ll be plenty of time to sort the design out and make it more unique.