Mentoring Rails Girls

There’s a lovely new event coming up here in Ljubljana, aimed at women who’d like to learn programming. Apparently this has already been done across the globe and it’s been quite a success. Rails Girls is a two-day workshop for women who don’t have any experience with programming, and the aim is to introduce this subject to more females in hopes that the IT world wouldn’t be so male dominated. I think that this is a fantastic idea so I’ve volunteered to help them out with mentoring. I’ve even convinced my girlfriend to sign-up and take part.

Rails Girls Ljubljana

What all this means is that I now have about a month to get a basic  grasp of Ruby and Rails. Currently I haven’t got a clue about either, but I wanted to learn Ruby for a while now, so this seems like a perfect excuse/opportunity to actually go for it.

If you’re a programer from Slovenia you should volunteer too, as there are too many girls eager to learn and too little mentors to help them out!