hnHiringFilter - filter jobs on Hacker News

hnHiringFilterI’m currently looking for a full time web-dev  job in London. And a few days ago I remembered the monthly " Ask HN: Who is hiring?" threads on Hacker News. I also remembered what a pain it is to browse that thread. Especially if you’re not from the Bay area, for where most of the jobs are.

So I fired up my favourite editor and started making a simple bookmarklet that would remove all the jobs that are not from the city (or cities) I’m interested in.

I had tons of problems traversing HN’s DOM so after a while I decided to just use jQuery and be done with it. But that also gave me some weird problems in Chrome (even though the exact same selector, that I use, works perfectly fine in my HN Unread Comments extension). Running the code (after a page refresh) would produce some cryptic error (that google never heard of), but running the same code immediately after would work without a problem. So I reverted back to native document.querySelectorAll and made it work.

Anyhow, you can find the bookmarklet on GitHub in the janhancic/hnHiringFilter repository. Or you can head to this page to “install” it directly.

Once you got it in your bookmarks toolbar you can test it on this month’s thread.