HN Favourite Users

Let’s face it, Hacker News could do with a make over and some new features, but I don’t think that that’s going to happen anytime soon. So I’ve decided to scratch one of my own itches with it and made a new extension for Chrome: HN Favourite Users. What it does is highlights your favourite users on any HN page that you are on. Nothing fancy really but it gives me a feature I’ve always wanted. I normally don’t look at who made a comment or who submitted what. But I do like to read comments from my friends, and this extension informs me that one of them submitted or commented on the page I am on.

HN Favourite Users

I’ve also decided to create this to brush up on my chrome extension building skills and learn something new: Knockout.JS & Twitter Bootstrap. Both of this projects are wonderful to work with and I’m looking forward to using them again.

This is also a small thank you to the Hacker News community who has given me so much and asked nothing in return. So I hope someone will find this extension useful and will have a slightly better experience browsing HN pages.

Source code for the extension is freely available on GitHub, so feel free to fork and improve.

I would also like to thank Kaja Repič, she created the logo and promo images for Chrome Web store (see above) and helped me with some design decisions.

And finally, if you like this, check out my previos extension for Hacker News: HN Unread Comments.