Facebook messages UX

facebook messagesI was reading this article on how Facebook is experimenting with taking payments to deliver your message to some person’s inbox and not the “other” folder.

That reminded me that I should check that infamous “other” folder, just to check if somebody was trying to get in touch. Luckily there wasn’t since people still use email, not this half-assed messages thing from Facebook.

But I digress. I then checked the “spam” folder and decided to delete the three messages that ware in it (all ware moved there by me and not by FB’s filters mind you). And boy was I surprised. It takes a grand total of, after you have selected a message, five (5) clicks to delete a spam message! Five.

That’s just … wow … five! As much as I admire the guys and gals at FB for their work with the FB front-end they also often leave me speechless with some UX decisions that they make.

Since this is a spam folder they should put a button on top of the message that would delete the message without any further clicks. A “delete all spam messages” button would come in handy too (I had to repeat the above process three times).