There was a thread on Hacker News recently that captured my attention. User secos suggested that we make November “launch an app month”. The idea is that you *have to* create a new application or launch one that you are already working on, by the end of November. The premise being that a lot of hackers work on some great idea but never release it because it’s , in their mind, never quite finished yet, and stating publicly that you will launch gives you motivation and pressure to actually do so.

I, at the time, wasn’t working on anything (though I had some ideas lurking around), but then I decided it’s time to make something and try myself in a different field for a change (software as a service in this case). I’ve decided I’ll build a bug tracker that small teams would actually want to be using. A bug tracker that is not cluttered with features you just don’t need.

So far I’m very early in the development process and all the details haven’t been ironed out just yet, but I will do my best to meet the (arbitrary) goal of launching by the end of November.

I have made a landing page, where you can drop your email and I’ll email you when launches. - hosted, simple, easy, smart and intuitive bug tracker