30 days of GitHub

30githubToday marks my 30 day streak on GitHub. I didn’t start off with the goal of reaching 30 days, it just kinda happened. Sure after a while I didn’t want to break the streak, so I’ve “cheated” a bit occasionally with just opening a issue or by removing a space here and a new line there. But most of the days I’ve actually done something meaningful. And I plan to continue.

It feels great to work on stuff and having it publicly available to anyone.

Here are some stats from the 30 day period:

Sadly most of the commits went to my own little projects, which is fine, but I would like to contribute more to other peoples code.

I also did a lot of tidying up on my all but abandoned projects. Things like adding license files, providing more documentation and cleaning the code up a bit. I plan on going trough all the rest of them, clean them up, add missing bits&pieces and make sure they still work.


I know this isn’t really a major achievement in the grand scheme of things, but it feels special to me and I hope having this commemorated here will give me the motivation to keep going.