What I’ve done in 2009 31 December, 2009

I don’t really get the whole new year thing. Everybody is talking about change and good wishes and what not, but I don’t see how anything will change just because of a simple date increment. I guess humanity needs this artificial mile stones to reflect on what has been done and what has happened. Having said that, today probably is a day, as good as any, to look back and think a little.
Since I like bullet points I’ll use those to list what I’ve done in 2009 (in no particular order):

  • I finally took some time to actually learn something about JavaScript and I feel in love with it, jQuery has probably helped here a lot and I can’t imagine how the internet worked without this beautiful language in the past.
  • I improved my knowledge of PHP, written a brand new framework with which I’m happy with (for now), it even got some praise from someone I worked with for a short while.
  • Like with JavaScript above, I took the time to improve my HTML&CSS skills and that worked out quite well. These three things are so easy that nobody actually learns them but just pick up on them as he goes along. Luckily I realized this is a mistake and I am still working on improving my skills in this area.
  • I started reading technical blogs and web pages again. I learned a lot from other (smarter) people this way.
  • I used memcache on a couple of our projects, great technology.
  • I learned Comet and developed chat with it, hackish stuff Comet, but the future is looking bright on the real-time-web front.
  • I’ve started to actively participate on StackOverflow (see my badge on the left) again. It’s a great way to brush up on your skills and give something back to the community.
  • I’ve started to write here on this page again which is a great way to, hopefully, give back something to the community.
  • I went to my first conference (PHP Konferenca)
  • I had my first lecture at WebCampLjubljana, and that was a great experience and I hope I’ll have a chance to do it again sometime.
  • I was given a task to find another programmer for our company and although that didn’t quite work out in the end, I gained a lot of experience from that process.
  • We launched a brand new web page (spored.tv), redid another one from scratch (mojalbum.com) and cloned a couple of others (igre123.rs, mojnet.rs). It’s always great to work on something completely new and, like I said, I had the pleasure to develop two brand new web pages in one year.
  • I’ve lost a customer for reasons I don’t quite understand which has hurt me financially but all is well.
  • I’ve developed a system that uses the Aliiike recommendation engine
  • I’ve written so many lines of code that I’ve forgotten half the stuff I did this year :)

There is probably some more stuff that I can’t remember right now, I’ll edit if I remember something else.
And here is what I’d like to do/improve in the next year:

  • I’d like to play with the technologies that are behind the NoSQL movement.
  • I will introduce a versioning software to our company (yes I know, shame on me).
  • I will set-up a wiki where I will try to document as much as possible.
  • I will try to get some more break from my work as to avoid burning out.
  • I will improve my PHP/JavaScript/HTML/CSS/whatever else I’m using skills.
  • I would like to learn a new programming language.
  • I will work on my people skills and try to bring my arrogance down for just a notch :)

Again there is probably something I’ve forgotten to put on that list.

All in all as far as my professional life/career goes this was a successful year. I won’t talk about my personal life here, but I will say that it kinda sucked. That is all.

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