10K Apart challenge 13 August, 2010

An Event Apart has put together a 10K Apart challenge in which participants must write a fully functional HTML5 application while using only 10K. I had to take part, so I’ve made a simple, totally unoriginal and ugly todo app called FuglyDo5 (I’ll appreciate a vote).
It uses some new HTML5 tags some basic CSS3 and localStorage so that data is persistent across browser sessions. You can export/import your data and you can undo if you mark a item as completed or deleted.

I haven’t spent as merely enough time on it as I wanted, but I have a tendency to give up on a project if I don’t have a pretty design to work with. And since I have no artistic skills what so ever, the design isn’t much (hence the name) and I lost interest as soon as all functionality was complete. I hope I’ll at least get a book out of this, aiming for anything more would be unrealistic as some of the entries are simply amazing and I really can’t compete with that. Maybe if I had a better idea and somebody to do the design for me. Well, maybe next year.

On a related note: there is also the JS1k contest, in which you have to build a cool JavaScript demo using only 1K of code. Check it out.


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FuglyDo5 on GitHub – Jan Hančič October 11, 2010 at 10:08 pm

[...] created a GitHub repository for my 10k Apart challenge entry FuglyDo5 (more about that in my previous post). You can find/fork the repository [...]